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Qingtian Senlong Fasteners Co., Ltd.
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Qingtian, lung fasteners co., LTD., located in qingtian county, lishui city, zhejiang province, the hometown of overseas Chinese, I company specializing in the production of riveting nut (also called pull cap, pull the mother) products, welding nut, can provide stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, can be widely used in: the vehicle parts, railway, building decoration, shelves, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, household appliances, industrial electrical, plastic products, machine, oven, oven, chassis cabinets and other industries, have certain research and development capabilities, at the same time can be collaborative customer common development, production and other special specifications of non-standard products.

The company now has a complete scientific quality management system, such as: wire procurement, product processing, to the finished product warehousing, sales, management and quality control system, and to put an end to the generation of defective product and out. Test equipment, salt spray testing machine, optical pick machine, tensile testing machine, hardness tester, such as testing equipment.

Since founding the company in good word-of-mouth reputation management principles, excellence, continuous innovation, take honestly as this, with the concept of quality to survive, to win the favour of domestic and foreign customers and trust.

The company will continue to high-quality products, preferential prices and first-class service, sincerely partners hand in hand and create a better future, to a higher goal.

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